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in which there is a pause in garden re-construction. [Sep. 2nd, 2016|01:45 pm]
[mood |workingworking]

apparently that huge mouse i rousted out of the front-center middle bed had made herself absolutely at home in my garden. i accidentally uncovered a nest this morning; at least three baby mice tumbled out as i was weeding. i put them back as best i could, and tried to softly pack in some dirt and plants around them. they had fur already, but their eyes weren't open, so they have a couple weeks of nursing ahead. i hope she comes back, and that they get it. i can put off working on moving the raised beds until then.

in fact this may solidify my decision to add two more raised beds in the direction of the shed. :)

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in which there is an energetic new start, and a successful if complicated bike trip. [Sep. 1st, 2016|05:23 pm]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

through it didn't *quite* go the way i envisioned, i have now bicycled around Onondaga Lake. clockwise, which i feel was a good energetic choice for today.

the last leg being interrupted by the gates being closed, and strident amphitheater lackeys, and diverting myself onto 690, and then trying to cut through from Lakeland and ending up taking my 3.75 month-post-op ankle up and down nine feet of crushed stone as someone led me through their yard, the woods, the train tracks, and back onto the bicycle path...

since i'm home safe, that's all just a good story. :D and there were LOTS of hawks: at least three or four. or the same hawk, multiple times, following me. :)


today, i gave directions (on Hiawatha, to a pair of walkers) and got directions (from the guy, above). i ate more amazing vegan buffalo chicken wings (YUM) and met up with Jen for a bit. i got to do the Fair two days with two different friends, even if only for a tiny stretch. i saw the Native American dancers yesterday with Natalie, and talked to one of the gladiolus judges today. i avoided being seen my ex-coworkers at the massage booth, but was sad to see the woman who always had the booth next to Elan is now gone. i hope she's OK. :(

two good days, though. :)

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in which everything is natural. [Aug. 16th, 2016|07:32 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]

i saw two Great Blue Herons, a red-tail (who flew right toward me and then right over my head) and a bunch of fishing birds who i couldn't identify - they looked too big to be gulls, but i don't know that they were raptors - on my sixteen-mile bicycle ride. and got home just before it got dark.

now, loud thunderstorm going through...

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in which there is the backyard feeding station. [Jul. 31st, 2016|09:14 am]
[mood |amusedamused]

anyone who's ever visited here knows our backyard is the Penn Station of animals; we've had everything from rodents to foxes to weasels to every sort of native bird. we feed, that's part of it. but we separate feeding the larger birds (late fall through winter into late spring) and the hummingbirds (late spring through summer into late fall) because they really don't play well together. the hummingbirds get very agitated when anything violates their territory... even other hummingbirds that they don't like.

so a weird thing has been happening: a baby Woolly Woodpecker has decided she likes sugar water. it's the strangest thing to watch a species who is supposed to be eating tree insects sit on the hummingbird feeder and suck down sugar. for weeks i figured she was eating the ants that climbed the pole (and maybe she is), but she's definitely sticking her beak into the tiny hole and drinking the nectar.

again, you can imagine the cloud of angry hummingbirds that results from this invasion.

so we'll let her sit there for awhile, but eventually we'll yell out the window. she used to fly away, but lately she's gotten inured to it, and we have resorted to knocking on the sill, and even going out to the feeder to chase her away.

this morning, my mother was standing at the window and calling "Now, you know that's not for you. C'mon, it's time to leave. I know, hummingbirds, I'm sorry. Just chase her away!" then she turned to me, realizing i had heard her, and said "She just won't leave!"

now we've starting keeping a water pistol around because Brigid has discovered window screens in a Big Way. i grabbed it and went into the kitchen, saying "OK, well, I'll get her to go," and i fired at her out the window.

the Woolly paused, looked at the window, slid around the sugar feeder until the reservoir was between her and window, and went right back to eating.

i looked at my mom and burst out laughing. so did she.

and our laughter scared away the woodpecker.

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in which my kitten is magic. [Jun. 1st, 2016|08:39 am]
[mood |creativecreative]

Brigid confirmed her magical status last night.

i really didn't want to believe my laptop charger was dying. given everything, it was horrible timing. when it completely failed to work last night, and no amount of jiggling, taking various pieces in and out of sockets, or prayer would get it to charge the laptop, i felt a wave of despair, since being able to access videos and LJ has been a large part of my sanity retention these last few weeks.

i thought i remembered possibly still having another power cord from a previous laptop squirreled away in the Spare Oom, but EVERYTHING that had been clogging up my bedroom (that a kitten might get stuck in, or knock over, or break) ended up in the Spare Oom when my sister and mom kitten-proofed. i didn't think i had a chance in hell of finding it, even if it existed.

it was still worth a try, so i slipped into the Spare Oom and closed the door quickly again; we'd been keeping the door closed to keep Brigid out and safe. as i carefully crawled around, slowly moving things, she sat on the other side of the door and cried (which is her M.O. when i go into another room and shut the door). it didn't shock me when i couldn't find the old laptop or the charger; i was fairly resigned to not having my computer for a few days. and i opened the door to try to sneak back out-

-and Brigid, of course, ran by me and into the Spare Oom.

ever try to catch a kitten with a broken ankle? yeah, it's fun. i managed to fish her out from under one of the beds, only to have her dash off to the other side of the room, under piles of books, around boxes of clothes and other stuff, waiting any second for her to bring something crashing down on top of her. i finally just sat and called to her and she sort of came out and peeked at me, but then joyfully scampered off into the debris again, entranced by all the new stuff. i finally got a hand on her and tried to toss her out of the room, but i couldn't get the door closed quickly enough and she dashed in again. i was near tears when i saw she was playing with/chewing a cord hanging off the old wingback chair (playing with and chewing on cords is one of her more annoying habits).

it was my old laptop cord, and it had the same adapter as my current laptop.

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in which there are more faery hikes. [Apr. 30th, 2016|02:10 pm]
[mood |creativecreative]

i've hiked The Cliff Trail (the faery trail) in Harpswell a half dozen times this season already. each time it seems like i've had better and better luck with wildlife (and 'other') visitations.

a few trips ago, it was the red squirrels running along the tree branches to about head height and staring speculatively at me from 5-10 feet away, as if they were debating whether or not to jump onto my head, and what would happen if they did.

earlier this week, a friend and i were hanging out at the Overlook, and - as ravens or crows flew beneath us - i was explaining that i'd never yet seen bald eagles while i was hiking this trail. a few minutes later, across the water, a pair of bald eagles began to surf the air currents; one even did a fly-by, maybe a hundred or so feet above our heads. ("I want a million dollars!")

today, during my pre-Beltane hike, there were birds, squirrels, another bald eagle, AND a chunk of quartz rock broke off in my hand when i went to pick up some birch bark to complete the faery house i was repairing in the far building site.

i know i didn't come home alone.

(x-posted to facebook)



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in which there is work week. [Apr. 18th, 2016|04:20 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]

just wanted to pop in and say that i got Dave out to hike today! *and the crowd goes wild* he did his two hours at the Dolphin, and we went for a forty minute or so hike off Basin Point Rd. SUCH a gorgeous day! it's clouded over now, but it was beautifully sunny this morning, and the ocean off the point was lovely to look at. then we came back into Brunswick and had gelato, and he went off to school... only to call me a half hour later to tell me that it's Patriot's Day and he didn't have school and he'd driven to Portland for nothing. d'OH! i knew i should have encouraged him to play hooky!


the week home was good. i stopped at WEBS (the yarn store) to pick up yarn for the cable sweater i want to try once i've finished mom's socks and the mittens i started, and the non-cable sweater i need to try first, and... so, yes, i have a yarn problem. i spent Sunday with my family (they were watching The Masters golf tournament), made jelly for my mother on Monday (straining raspberries through a sieve to get out the seeds is a PITA, btw), and went to the Syracuse Bernie Sanders rally with a few of my friends on Tuesday. :) we were so into the "rally experience", we didn't even stop to take a selfie!

i worked on Wednesday, gave blood and had coffee with Natalie and worked and got a massage on Thursday, worked on Friday (and processed more raspberries; jam this time), then worked (and did a long walk with Jen K at Beaver Lake) on Saturday. the drive back on Sunday through balmy weather was easy; i listened to my book and stopped for coffee with Hope midway.

LOTS of friend-time and good work this past week, but happy to be home!

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in which You Might Be A Hippie... [Apr. 6th, 2016|11:28 am]
[mood |amusedamused]

when you shrug a hoodie on over your tie-dye T-shirt and head downstairs, pulling your Bernie bumper stickers and your Kripalu summer catalog out of the mail on the way to climb into your hybrid car, and drive to an essential oil presentation...

... you *might* be a hippie.


reposted from facebook. feel free to add your own below.

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in which March marches on... [Mar. 21st, 2016|08:40 pm]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

March 1st - homeopathy presentation at Midcoast Bodyworkers
March 2nd - Sanders rally in Portland! extraordinary.
March 3rd - saw foreclosed house in Dresden
March 5th - client and canvassing neighborhood for Bernie
March 6th - mass and caucus
March 7th - Eucharistic adoration and went into Portland with Dave to hit Kohls
March 11th - drove to Syracuse, started laundry, stayed overnight, packed up again
March 12th - drove to Buffalo. Dave played poker with guys, i went over to Canadian side to view the lit-up Falls with Heather (first time i'd seen this)
March 13th - slept in, hung out, CAH, escape room (which was "set" in turn of the century London and was truly cool), bowling, Fro-yo, CAH (hilarious Dave pictures are up on FB)
March 14th - drove to Canada, walked Falls, went back to our gorgeous suite at the Fallsview Radisson, slipped into our jacuzzi tub for two, sipped champagne, and had lots of cuddles.
March 15th - drove out to St. Catherine's/Niagara-on-the-Lake area and had diner breakfast, drove up around NotL and went to a few wineries, met some very cool people at Palantine Hills (but wines were too dry) so took in Konzelmann and Sunnybrook (pear wine!); drove home (took a while as i got us lost in Rochester)
March 16th - March 19th: clients. also one-price fro-yo on Thursday. hung out with Natalie and Rick after their appointment on Saturday, then hung out with Jen and Ryan. went home and started packing.
March 20th - drove back to Maine
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in which this just couldn't go up on Facebook after all... [Mar. 10th, 2016|02:17 pm]
[mood |pensivepensive]

it's interesting to me how - as i've aged past a safe pregnancy, but not totally out of the ability to *be* pregnant - my view on abortion has changed. i wish i'd gotten here sooner, been able to see the other side of the equation sooner, but i was so impacted by the idea of 'babies being torn apart' that i couldn't really see how torn apart the _mothers_ must be. even during my (extensive) education, through biochemistry and pathology and embryology, i was always slightly nauseated by the idea of something that could become a person, an innocent, being aborted. then again, i've also been a vegetarian for half my life, and to me killing _anything_ is a psychic issue.

now, from 45, the idea of someone, *anyone* else, telling me what i can and can't do with my body feels like ginormous chutzpah. the amount of medical complications both i and any child i might bear, with me at this age, far out-weigh my giving a damn about what anyone else thinks. from this older vantage point it is a lot easier to realize that any health issue that causes a woman to consider aborting late-term is almost certainly a serious one, any decision made late-term a life-shattering one. this entire Zika mess has also added an entirely new complication in many women's lives.

so, yes, once again i stand with Sanders.

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